Just In Time Trip Planning

Or: “I didn’t expect to be in that language this trip.”

Original Rough Plan: Run around China for a while, then do this trip:

Cheap flight from Beijing to Saigon, bus to Phnom Penh, riverboat to Siem Riep, bus & train to Bangkok, train to Krabi, then back to Bangkok and fly home.

I’ve wanted to do the overland trip through Cambodia. Also to get some rock climbing in at Thailand’s best limestone cliffs in the bargain.

The Hitch:

All the Saver Frequent Flyer trips from Bangkok to San Francisco are now filled until September.

Also full until September: Shenzhen to SFO, Shanghai to SFO, Beijing to SFO, and Singapore to SFO.

Tokyo’s available, though.

There’s a cheap flight from Hong Kong to Tokyo. That works. Now figuring out how to squeeze the most vacation out of the time in-between.

And this, friends, is the fun of plotting a one way trip and figuring it out as you go.

Next Entry:

The last 3 Days in Shenzhen: Makerspaces and the world’s largest electronics market.

Wednesday, July 17th, 2013 Journals

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