Welcome to WhereAmI.org, Sam Brown’s scrapbook on the interwebs.

Right now I’m pulling this site out of mothballs, because:

  1. I’m traveling again. WhereAmI started off as a travel blog. Rather, a ‘homepage’. That’s what we called pages like this back when we had to uploaded files with command line FTP, uphill both ways, through the snow.
  2. I can’t get to the usual social networks, since I’m running around China at present, and the Great Firewall blocks social networks like FacePlus, InstaTwit, and the rest. So you’re not going to see me in the usual places for a while. If you’d like to keep up, stop in here.

lousy wifi Oh, and you know you get sick of people’s personal sites saying that they’re “Under Construction” no matter how long they’ve been up? Well, I just coughed up this iteration of WhereAmI at 5AM, July 14th, 2013. So for now, it looks pretty darn good. And yes, if you’re back in the US and reading this as soon as I post it, I AM POSTING FROM TOMORROW. So you can deal with the site being a little hinky. And by “deal with” I mean “tell me about it in the comments and I’ll fix it.”

Sunday, July 14th, 2013 About

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  • Sam Brown says:

    Or maybe you’ll be seeing me in all the familiar places sooner than expected…

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